Internet Traffic Consulting

Having a website or social profile is not enough. Millions of businesses have a website and a social profile. How will yours stand out? How will you get more clients?

The answer is to implement a complete online marketing strategy.

You need an online marketing presence that is optimized for bringing in clients. Is your presence optimized? Are you actually MEASURING your marketing or is it nothing but an extra expense for you?

Before you do any marketing it is crucial that you have the right funnels and experience in place before you bring in the traffic.

We recommend you start with Search Engine Marketing, commonly referred to as SEM. This allows you to be found in the modern version of Yellow Pages — Google.

Google is the largest website in the world where 70% of your customers are going to be searching for you. The other 30% is in the other SERPS (Search Engine Pages) which is in Yahoo and Bing. Most people feel it’s pointless being optimized in Yahoo and Bing. I say that’s risky thinking. If you choose not to optimize in SERPS you’re missing 30% of traffic…why would you want to lose 30% of your potential customers? Like Michael Jordan says, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. Do you really want to miss out on 30% of clients?

Social media marketing is necessary to build your brand and presence. It provides a platform for one of the principles of influence for customers to trust you – social proof.

Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter have over a billion users on them. This gives you an amazing opportunity for prospective clients for less than $1 a lead.

Media Buying will allow you to be in front of your audience and the masses for cheaper than any other form of offline advertising such as direct mail, tv and billboards. Walmart uses this same method for a good reason, it works AND it’s cheap- it costs merely PENNIES.

Reputation Marketing takes care of Facebook Services and Review sites (Amazon is moving into this space as well). Take advantage of the 3 Mammoths and the other review sites that can build extra credibility and trust.

Youtube is probably the 3rd most visited website in the world. Videos are more engaging and have often higher conversion rates than any other form of media. Why not be ranked in youtube and have those videos in google?

Online Reputation Marketing is the key to the sale. People only buy from someone they trust and we will make sure we help you build this in all of our packages. Not just to serve YOU but for the people your businesses will serve. We make sure your business attracts clients who connect to you because you’re so compelling, because you speak their language, and because you care about the same things they care about.

Traffic Consulting is a specialized service and every customer has different needs. We will give you a free 45 minute consultation to make sure we can provide you with the perfect package according to your unique needs.

So really what it comes down to is for you to decide whether or not you’re ready to transform your life, to transform your business. Because the search is over. You’re already here. You’ve found your answer. It’s your time to take the next step for your company.

We’ve helped thousands of businesses all around the globe transform their company in such a dramatic fashion they don’t even recognize their life a year later.

That could be your company.
All because you decided to make the right call to WebDominate Solutions.

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